Tymb Richards – Concrete Ship
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Tymb Richards was one of the biggest rock stars of his generation and then he vanished without a trace.

Gaunt and angular, with giant ass blonde hair, black raincoat and slightly androgynous glam punk vibe, Tymb Richards’ intense anguish, dotted literary references, and traditional good looks attracted a legion of complicated young fans looking for their generation’s Morrissey.

In May 1991, Richards was planning on releasing three independent singles, and was being hyped as the next big thing: somewhat prematurely according to some members of the press.

While interviewing Richards backstage in Norwich, New Musical Express (NME) journalist Phillip Ruddman questioned Richards’ authenticity. Richards responded by drawing ‘FUCK YEAH’ on his arm with a Sharpie, leaving the interview, and has not been seen or heard from since.

Those singles were thought to be lost to time, until now.