TV Queens – Bad Fiction
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This is a dual release with Magnaphone Records. Thanks to those dudes!

TV Queens, are a new project coming from Dayton Ohio and comprised of Nathan Peters (Lioness and Captain of industry), Maria Dixon (Me & Mountains and Lioness) and lead musician/producer Darryl Robbins (Dirty Walk, Motel Beds and Company Man). All members have been performing and songwriting since their highschool days while dabbling in various genres, Darryl even getting opportunities to produce for local DYT legends Guided by Voices.

Looking to do something a little different, Darryl began creating new wave-like synth melodies much in the vein of acts such as Devo, Data and Mathématiques Modernes to name a few of his noteworthy inspirations, but with his own brand of nervous energy. He felt these experiments were lacking a voice to bring it to fruition which led him to seek the help of long time friends, Nathan Peters and Maria Dixon.

As far as the lyrics and themes, TV Queens often wind up in the chaotic period of time where self isolation and political unrest come to a head leaving us all dissatisfied and nervous. This is likely loosely related to the process of everyone recordinging individually during the lockdowns of 2020. Songs like “Bad Fiction” touch on topics like this with the lyrics “Mass Ignorance, bat to the head, Yeah it’s all bad fiction to me”. It’s a grand statement of feeling like you want to take a stand against the general helplessness while being set against a backdrop of an almost Prince-like dance track.

“Bad Fiction” is the forthcoming first album from T.V. Queens on Overthought Music and will be available on whatever you stream music on as well as physical copies for all you media collectors out there.