Plasteroid – The Shadow Year
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Lost in a wasteland of errant synth patches, shock-inducing guitars, and run-on streams of alien poetry, Plasteroid are the future that passed you by. Their debut album, The Shadow Year, offers eight slabs of melodic post-punk (music/production by Darryl Robbins; lyrics/vocals by Josh England). The first of these, “Walker,” is a prologue to the time/space-bending song cycle that follows: “Carrington,” riddled with references to geomagnetic storms and reality TV utopias; “Blinking Unison”—a chant-driven meditation on conformity and contrarian viewpoints. The album’s centerpiece, “Blind Future,” unravels its increasingly mysterious narrative over levitating pop hooks. Side two unfolds as a reversal—a resolution; a return. The “New Man” of track five discovers ritual ecstasy in the art of the breakdown; on “This Insane,” he drifts into outer space—where he sees the chaos on his home planet as the predetermined strategy of intergalactic forces. The album closes with two brain-melting slices of musical/lyrical free-association: looking beyond the shadows of earth-bound time, and seeing straight into the light of our collective unconscious. Flickering celebrities… Happy endings… Endless meetings… This is The Shadow Year. You have nothing to fear.