Overthought Musik – Album
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Having stepped aside from playing in bands (Motel Beds/Company Man), multi-instrumentalist and total sweetheart, D Robbins finally decided to just stay home and step exclusively into producer shoes. “I kind of lost interest in the band thing and really just wanted to make tracks around vocalists that I wanted to work with, so that’s where I went.”

After creating a handful of individual projects on his Overthought Musik label (www.overthoughtmusik.com) based on different styles and vocalists (Plasteroid, Lute Student, etc), the idea to make a full LP featuring multiple vocalists appeared. “I had some aborted songs with various people and got the idea to finish those and start enough new ones for a full LP. There’s a lot of really great singers in my vicinity, so I just made custom arrangements that I thought fitted each of them. And this is how I’m going to get super rich.”

“Album” will be released at Local Music Day (www.localmusicday.com) in Dayton Ohio (Nov 8/9) on LP (first 50 will come with a free CD so you can listen to it in your van) and of course will be available on the usual Bandcamps and Spotifys when we know each other just a little better.

All the music written, performed and produced by D Robbins except “Transferrence” written by Nate Farley (Guided by Voices, Rob the Bank, Quemado). All lyrics and vocals written and performed by each of the vocalists.