Company Man

Rock/Indie Rock/Corporate Sponsorship

Andy Smith, Tod Weidner, Ian Kaplan & I

Synergize yourself to trillionaire status! We are thrilled
that D Robbins and Tod [Shrug/ex-Motel Beds] from the warehouse and
Ian [Lioness/ex-Motel Beds, Human Reunion, and Lab Partners] and
Andy [Me Time/ex-King Elk, Andrew & the Pretty Punchers] started
talking and decided to make some songs after work. Taking cues
from the likes of Devo, Jesus Lizard, and The Cars, Company Man
is sure to elevate your quarterly earnings and improve dividends.
And Debra from Human Resources can’t handle it.

A Smith – Vocals
I Kaplan – Drums
T Weidner – Bass
D Robbins – Guitar

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