I'm D Robbins and this is the music I make. Real bands, fake bands, collaborating, tracking, producing, mixing, editing, lovin', touchin', squeezin'. I've been involved with the Dirty Walk, The Key Note Speaker, Motel Beds, Company Man, Smug Brothers, Peopleperson, TV Queens, Caregiver, Lute Student, Plasteroid, Nap Habit, Simply Burris, Tymb Richards, and even recorded some Guided by Voices. I love classic rock, soft rock, surf rock, AOR, baroque, afrobeat, nearly all forms of metal, 80s new wave, 80s pop hits, dub techno, vaporwave, ambient, synthwave, and all manner of other things. Have a look around won't ya?

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You should totally hit me up at overthoughtmusik at gMail