TV Queens single on V13

TV Queens single featured on V13

Stuff coming soonish…

…because this shit gets confusing.. TV Queens – Bad Fiction single happens on 1/25/2021 TV Queens – Bad Fiction full length happens on 2/19/2021 EL NO – Nothing is Possible happens on 4/1/2021 or somewhere around there

New PLASTEROID full length and TV Queen debut single

Hit the release page for new thingys…

Tymb Richards

Tymb Richards was one of the biggest rock stars of his generation and then he vanished without a trace.  Gaunt and angular, with giant ass blonde hair, black raincoat and slightly androgynous glam punk vibe, Tymb Richards’ intense anguish, dotted…

New/old Peopleperson added

Recorded around 2009 or so and sitting pointlessly on a hard drive somewhere for a decade, Peopleperson’s The Fuck That No One Gave has been added for your pleasure/confusion. Enjoy.

Simple Sunday Synth

Just having some fun with my Minilogue. I wish I had more time to devote to this sort of thing…

Simply Burris single

Burris (Me & Mountains, Lioness) wrote some songs. I produced ’em. Check it out.

Nap Habit single

Andy Smith (Pretty Punchers, King Elk, Santana) on the songs and the vocals. Your humble narrator (Motel Beds, Company Man, Iron Butterfly) on everything else. 2 songs, 2 tight. Download/Listen

Jesse and generative music

So after a few short days of absorbing more Brian Eno doings, I thought I’d try my hand at (nearly) generative music. Look it up. Ol’ Remnant liked it and suggested I make a whole album of it, so I…

The boys are about to be back in town

Lute Student’s second full length LP is about to materialize. In the meantime, enjoy the new “press photo”. Lol right?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

My imaginary soundtrack for the play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time”… The Curious Incident by D.A.R.Y.L.

Peopleperson’s Surfhorse does some drugs…

More horse from Peopleperson

The second installment of Peopleperson’s epic Surfhorse drama….

Afraid of Everything

The latest. If you’re feelin’ some super glacial loopy psyche weirdness (in the form of 20 minute songs), today is your day. It’s all downhill from here. Anyway, these are a couple of things I put together a while back,…

It’s Summer…

…and I kinda hate summer, so, I’m staying indoors as much as possible to make hopefully more sweet sounds. There’s one fairly big project on the horizon. I have plenty of more work to do on it, but it’s coming…

Lute Student debut full length

It’s here, up, out and about. Please enjoy. D Smith – Vocals D Robbins – Everything else. Recorded/Mixed by D Robbins

Scott Walker in a spaghetti western?

I was bored and was wondering what my favorite Scott Walker tune would sound like if you dropped it into a spaghetti western.


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